Top 10 Foods for keto Diet Meal plan

Top 10 Foods for Keto Diet

There’re Some people associate the keto diet with bad words, Like fatty Diet and More Fat Eating Diet. and They are quick to dismiss it. Nothing could be further from the truth in The keto Diet Fat Always allowed because in The Keto Diet Fat is converted into energy. Our bodies need healthy fats to thrive. Other foods in the diet may not be healthy. When you’re eating ketogenic, you’re filling your body with nutrients. Let’s take a look at what foods you should eat on a keto Diet. There’re Listed Top 10 Foods for keto Diet Meal

1. Seafood

We know that Seafood is a Good source of Vitamins, Mineral, and Fatty acids, But Usually, Most people from us Don’t Eat Enough amount of kinds of seafood, which are important for our Good Healthiness, and The Ketogenic Diet Encourages us to Eat All Things From The sea, Like Salmon Fish, Shrimp, crabs, Krill Fish, Sardines and more Biggest Fishes From Sea, which Are Contain A Low amount of carbohydrates and Biggest amount of Omega Fatty Acids, which has many benefits for Good health, and kinds of seafood Truly Brainfood (DHA), in The Keto Diet Recommended At least Two serving as a Good Foods for keto Diet meal. if you have a Short Time to make a Meal, you can take Simple canned Tuna Because It’s counts as a Seafood. But our healthiness Recommended To Eat More Fresh and Biggest Sea Fishes.

2. Vegetables

Vegetables are Extremely Low in Digestible Carbohydrates and Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, antioxidants, Protein, and Fibers which we need Daily, Winter root vegetables and Green Vegetables Such as Spinach, Broccoli, and Kale Are Good Foods for Keto Diet, and They will Help to decrease The Cancer and Heart Attack and Blood Vessels. when You Eat Vegetables Try to Eat as Fresh and non Processed Food. and on Your Keto Diet Don’t Eat Processed Foods,

3. Dairy Foods for Keto Diet

There are many Types of Dairy Products available In Market as Keto Diet Friendly Dairy Foods, Such as Milk, Cheese, Cream, Yogurt, Butter, Muenster Cheese, Brie Cheese, Gouda Cheese, and Camembert Cheese. Which are Low in Carbohydrate and High in Fiber, Protein and Calcium. Also All of Them Very Good Source of Vitamins and Minerals Which are Ketogenic Diet Friendly.

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4. Avocados
Top 10 Foods for Keto Diet
Best and Top 10 Foods for Keto Diet
Avocados are a natural and healthy choice for Keto Diet, Avocados are High in Protein and Low in Digestible Carbohydrates. For Example: 100 gram of Avocado contain 1.9g of protein, 19.7g of fat, and 1.9g Of Carbohydrates. Also They are a Excellent source of nutrients including: calcium, Potassium, magnesium and vitamins B. which Very Important Things on a Keto Diet.
5. Meat and Poultry

Meat and Poultry is a Best Food for Keto diet Meal plan, and The keto Diet Always Lets you Eat plenty of meat and Poultry. Which are high in protein and low in carbs. and Always Choose The grass-feed Meats Which are Higher in Fatty Acids, Meat And Poultry contains Protein, Vitamins, and Fatty Acids Which helps you Build Muscle mass and Metabolism.

6. Eggs

A Famous and Keto Friendly Ideal Food is Eggs, which are High in protein and Low in Digestible carbohydrate, Usually Per Eggs Contain 13Gram of Protein, which are very high amount of protein and This high Protein Source Make you Feel Full for a Long Period, Thereby Helping You Eat Less as a Result you Will loss your wanted Weight.

7. Coconut Oil

Another Superfood for Keto Diet is Coconut oil, Which is very Effective for people Dealing With Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease. You can Eat it Directly or with a Glass of water by Mixing Turmeric, Extra virgin Olive oil, and some seya salt for the test. it’s very good in Keto Diet for Early weight Loss.

8. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate/Cocoa Powder Is a Superfood for Keto Diet, it has a High Amount of Antioxidant, and a dark Chocolate with 80% of Real Cocoa Powder can Lower your Blood Pressure, on The Keto Diet every day Take a Pure Dark Chocolate or Eat The Cocoa Powder With Your Drink, It’s a Great Food for Keto Diet and keeps in Mind The Milk and Sugared Chocolate Not Count as a Healthy Chocolate, Nutritional Value of chocolate. it’s contains 10 grams of carbohydrates, which counts as a healthy Food for Keto Diet Meal Plan.

9. Olives and Olive oil

Olives are a Natural Great Foods for Keto Diet, Which are low in Carbs, and High in fats with an Excellent source of Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidant-Rich, Which are Keto Diet friendly, and it has many health benefits including

1. it helps to reduce the risks related to chronic diseases such as heart diseases, and cancer also, it may fight some deadly bacteria and viruses through his Dietary Antioxidant Properties.

2. Olives are rich in Na or sodium content which makes them a great option for a  low-carbohydrate food for beginners to the keto diet, and Olives can help reduce the symptoms of keto flu which include dizziness, fatigue, headache constipation, etc. 

3. Also Olives contain Calcium Which helps to Improve Bone and Nails Health.

4. Olives oil is a delicious Natural oil which Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, and Fatty acids Good for Heart Health, Fats Burning, and Reducing Diabetic. Source

10. Berries

Berries are an Very Good Healthy fiber-source. Studies show that fiber may help with weight loss, digestion Improvement, and constipation [12,13]. The berries are Low in Digestible Carbohydrates and High in fiber which Making Them Foods for Keto Diet Friendly, For Example: 1 cup of strawberry Serve Less Than 9 grams of Digestible Carbohydrates and Strawberries Contain 91% of Water and The contain of high fiber Strawberries and other Berries make a keto-friendly choice. Strawberries also have a fairly low glycemic index (GI) score of 40.

Also, Berries has Others Health Benefits, 1. it’s Rich in Antioxidant 2. Improve The Blood Sugar and Insulin Response by Good Source of Fiber 4.   Nutrient-Rich 5. and Helps to Reduce Inflammation


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