Student life composition in 250 words

Student life composition 250 words

Student life composition 250 words


Student life composition 250 words; Students are the destiny of a rustic. The united states of America and society look at them. They radiate new existence like the morning dew, the morning light.

They push away all of the lawlessness, injustice, and inconsistencies of the USA and society in their movements. They have the colossal capability. There is nothing in the world that they can not do. When the pupil society wakes up,

the whole state, the united states, and the world awaken. As they make the u. S . Struggle-free with their war, additionally they make the united states happy and beautiful with morality, etiquette, and courtesy. composition student life class 9

Student life composition 250 words
Student life composition 250 words


Student life composition Short


Student lifestyles


Study existence is student life. Student lifestyles include the entirety from number one faculty to college to various research studies overseas.

A student does now not maintain returned at whatever. Student existence is an exceptional time in human lifestyles. People construct the inspiration of destiny lifestyles in scholarly life. People learn how to fill existence with abundance from student life.

Generosity, honesty, justice, subject, patriotism, self-sacrifice, and magnanimity begin in pupil existence. Every pupil is a device of country-building. They will lead the USA inside destiny. M.K Gandhi stated,
The students are our destiny leaders of us who may want to satisfy the u. S . A .’s hopes of being successful.


Importance of pupil life


Student lifestyles are essential for all of us. It is the best time of human life. This time is known as the time of sowing the seeds of future lifestyles. As the seed is sown now, so shall the fruit be reaped within the future. If you practice knowledge regularly presently, your destiny lifestyle turns into vibrant and satisfied.


Student lifestyles are the sowing period of human life


Considering the significance of scholar existence, this period has been known as the seed-sowing duration of human lifestyles. Just as a farmer can not produce top plants if he does not sow seeds at the proper time,

in addition, if he fails to sow the seeds of the right education in the lifestyles of a pupil, he cannot anticipate enhancing and achieving success in the future lifestyles. If training, fitness, and character aren’t acquired in student life, they cannot be obtained in later existence. In this context,

the philosophers say – we want that schooling, by using which individual is formed, the power of the mind increases, and via which man can stand on his personal feet.
In fact, pupil life is the top time for such useful education.




Chhatranang adamant tapas have to usually be stored awake within the heart of each student. Education is the backbone of the state. Education is at the foundation of the development of the state. Students need to acquire knowledge via difficult work and dedication. Keep yourself always loose from terrible employers and be attentive to the observation of textbooks as usual.


Perseverance in student life


It is essential for every scholar to work tough and persevere to collect expertise. For the ones who have left an indelible legacy on earth, the talent they had turned into especially the result of difficult work and perseverance. There is not any such element as unworkable expertise.

students have to continue with this in mind. Hard paintings and perseverance sharpen the human mind, leading the scholar to achievement. Even regular college students can attain the top of progress via tough paintings and perseverance.

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Person building


The obligation of handling the united states is awaiting the scholars. A good individual is required to correctly practice the received understanding. Therefore, other than obtaining understanding,

they have to additionally be concerned about building precise men or women. Students ought to circulate ahead with a vow to devote themselves to typical welfare especially varieties of narrow-mindedness, selfishness, slander, gossip, and injustice.

Responsibilities and responsibilities of college students


“Chatra No. Abdimang Tap” is the motto of the students. This Sanskrit phrase approach – study is the only austerity of college students. If you want to paint in wholesome, satisfactory, stunning surroundings,

you have to expand that mindset from your pupil’s life. There isn’t any replacement for research on student lifestyles. Along with that, humanity must also be received.

Respect must be proven to the trainer. By obeying the trainer’s orders, a pupil can surely accumulate good qualities.

Because it is the instructor who makes a pupil sincere and remarkable. Rabindranath stated, “None but those who have the spirit of forbearance are healthy to be teachers.

Responsibility and obligation of pupil society in the social discipline

Students are aware citizens of a rustic. Although the take a look at is the primary goal of students, they have got many obligations and obligations inside the social sphere.

They are those who can assist the u. S . To comply with the right path. Not most effective is the circle of relatives or society but the pupil network should help in removing illiteracy in the complete nation. Students must shoulder the duty to make society and the school campus free from terrorism.

Responsibilities and responsibilities in the political area


Students are continually vocal about lawlessness, injustice, tyranny, and misrule. Ideologically they get involved in politics.

The function of college students in the freedom war of Bangladesh changed into huge. Moreover, the sacrifice they made for their mother tongue is uncommon in records. The student society performed a wonderful role in the movement toward Hamidur Rahman’s Education Commission of 1962, the six-point movement of 1966, and the famous uprising of 1969.

However, currently, college students are moving away from the proper beliefs of politics and are wasting their skills by conducting various crook activities which include terrorism, and extortion.
Responsibilities and responsibilities in the circle of relatives topics

“Charity begins at domestic” As college students get a lot from their households, additionally they have numerous duties closer to their families.

Everyone inside the circle of relatives expects correct manners from them. It is their obligation to expose appreciation to parents and elders of the family and to like the more youthful ones.



Students nurture patriotism in their hearts. They are motivated by the aid of patriotism and may stake their lives without hesitation.

As students have higher information about the user’s history and traditions, they are able to higher embrace the united states of America. Student society manner young society.

This younger society complete with vitality has to be engaged in the service of the u. S . A . And the people of the u. S . A. There has to be no fatigue, no hesitation in them. In flood-susceptible, hurricane-hit regions,

they must continually make bigger their hand of provider to the needy. Discipline “Work whilst you figure, play whilst you play, And this is the way to be glad;” college students can climb to the peak of their achievement in the event that they observe the principle.

The first project of college students is to observe. They ought to in no way depart sooner or later’s work for another day. In their private life, social existence, in the political sphere,

students ought to perform their duties and duties nicely with discipline. Growing up area in a scholarly lifestyle will have an impact on professional lifestyles as nicely.

Moral values ​​and etiquette

In educational establishments, college students are not the simplest taught to skip assessments. They are taught moral values ​​and manners.

Moral values ​​make the student honest, dutiful, disciplined, hardworking, and chiefly an excellent individual. Morality is required to become a real man or woman. So scholars need to acquire the virtue of manners and ethical values.


Selection of pals in pupil lifestyles

Students additionally need to be cautious in deciding on buddies for play and school. Being a good scholar is possible in case you associate with well-mannered, polite, and studious buddies.

Again, there may be a chance of having combined up with awful boys or with a few mature boys who’re older than their very own age.

So college students ought to be careful in deciding on friends. If you are in a precise agency, you can collect the right individual and precise features.

Health protection in pupil life

Student existence is not just about studying. Besides, one has to attend to the frame, one has to have correct fitness. Because a weak Rega pupil can’t paint hard.

Regular sports activities and exercising are essential to be healthy. To keep the body healthy and strong, you need to eat nutritious food.

You must rest and sleep regularly. Because a healthy mind exists in top health. A wholesome mind is capable of receiving good training.


Intention of life

Career starts off evolving at once after pupil existence. In reality, pupil life is a preparatory degree for a larger profession. At this time,

the purpose of the destiny lifestyle must be determined. Therefore, in pupil existence, one ought to no longer be busy with studies and be indifferent about destiny.

Studying aimlessly does now not convey a good deal of advantages to a career. So in case you set desires in your scholarly existence and get schooling, your destiny existence can be meaningful and delightful.



The country and the kingdom want a hardworking scholarly society with honest, characterful, disciplined, dutiful, and courteous.

Recently, the scholar society has deviated from the norm and is committing diverse sorts of crook sports. Students are concerned about terrorist activities in the name of politics.

Which is not appropriate in any respect for the u. S . And state. If this maintains, the country will become rootless. So students should be enlightened about their genuine ideals.

Making full use of the gaining knowledge and values ​​acquired by way of the scholars in the destiny should be the real goal of the scholars.

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