My aim in life composition for class 9

My aim in life composition for class 9

My aim in life composition for class 9

Introduction: All human beings have a selected aim in existence. To achieve success in lifestyles, our kids should have an intention. So the purpose is the daily partner of human life. A person who takes any goal in life falls into chaos resulting in tears of failure.

My aim in life Essay 500 words

Swami Vivekananda said “Who Sows Must Reap” Life is the intention. Sow such seeds. Harvesting is the fulfillment of lifestyles.

We have distinctive goals in existence

Every person has unique desires in life. Every individual has goals in line with his personal nature and talents. Some want to be an engineer, a few need to be a physician, some need to be an instructor, some need to do enterprise, a few need to be a farmer, and so on. Current society is now movement-orientated training. So we need to determine in advance “what I need to be”.

The problem with my target choice and fixed goal

Now I am a Madhyamik pupil. Just turned sixteen. So my very own information and revel may be very little. Besides, the view is not huge-ranging and it isn’t always feasible for me to restore the exact target presently. In this regard, my mother and father aren’t inquisitive about enforcing anything on me. So after many notions, I determined primarily based on my own talents and capabilities that I would have interaction myself as an independent laptop dealer. This independent livelihood is now my lifestyle’s intention and my dream.

My life goal

I am no longer inclined to accept a profession beneath any authority through running in a workplace-courtroom, commercial enterprise establishment, factory, and educational group. Besides, I don’t clearly like analyzing regulations, i.E. Turning into a legal professional, turning into a medical doctor, turning into an engineer. In order to keep up with the demands of the existing age, I am inclined to go away from the traditional career and interact in computer freelance commercial enterprise as my aim and dream in lifestyle.

Reasons for setting goals

My aim in life composition for class 9
My aim in life composition for class 9

First of all, I want to earn money independently that’s why I chose this career retaining in view the needs of the times. In the modern era, the demand for computer systems is massive. The call for computers is increasing each day. Nowadays, the use of computer systems has become obligatory everywhere, starting from any office courtroom to academic institutions. There is a deep feeling of pleasure in looking to do something with the aid of working out one’s personal plans within a selected independent commercial enterprise that I love.

What will I do to acquire the goal?

Every person has a specific plan to gain their goals and I additionally have a selected plan to gain my dreams. After passing secondary, I determined to look at technological know-how in higher secondary. Then after passing the higher secondary examination I will try and get a grasp degree in this concern after graduation in technology along with laptop technology.
Later I will engage myself in pc business independently and this will be my particular purpose or purpose in lifestyle.


One’s particular purpose in lifestyle might not be preferred by means of every person, a few may also ridicule one’s precise intention in existence, and some may assist its aim. Finally, I would like to say that in the future, if I can reach my particular desires, then I will serve the country with the aid of this computer commercial enterprise.

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